Friday, September 17, 2010

A collaboration with a special artist - OM [one moment] meet up #22

I was sorting through some piles of paper on my desk when I came across a beautiful poem by E.  He had written it a year ago on a rainy day.  I loved the poem although he needed just one more line to finish it.  He refused.

Many months ago, I took a picture through a window that overlooks our backyard.  The image on the curtain blends naturally into the view of the yard.  I manipulated the photo, during one of my fits of Photoshop play, to the point of satisfaction but didn't know what I'd ever do with it.  When I picked up E's poem, this photo came to mind.  It was perfect as this is the window he was looking out the day he wrote the poem.  We finished the poem and, voila, a collaboration was created.  He then told me to put it on my blog.
"The nice wet grass, the light green trees,
the little spots of gray on the old burnt leaves,
The wet wet soil, the flowers that bloom
are all that I see from the view of this room."   - E. Demers, ag
e 8

om [one moment] meet upWhat was your 'one  moment' this week? What took you out of your present moment and gave you something to appreciate?

Share in the blog comments here, on your own blog (and link back below)  or on my Facebook fan  page. If you are on Twitter,  I've started a hash tag - #omMeetup so  that we can converse if we'd like. We'd love to hear your moment this  week!

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  1. Thia is absolutely beautiful !! I love the picture, and I love the poem!

  2. What a wonderful collaboration! Definitely a moment to be remembered!

  3. I like that he asked you to publish it on your blog - that speaks volumes! The piece is beautiful. I would totally hang that on one of my walls.

  4. This is so beautiful, Candy. Your Ethan must be one special little guy. You two make a great artistic team!

  5. Beautiful! I love how observant he is. Not to mention the grace in his words. A perfect moment!

  6. this is just beautiful. thanks for sharing, linda [even if you were instructed to do so, it is so very sweet :)]


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