Friday, August 27, 2010

Fleeting moments- OM [one moment] meetup #19

This week, my brother-in-law and 3 yr old nephew visited us from Park City, UT. They came last Saturday as it started to rain and left on Wednesday when the sun finally started showing itself. Regardless, we had a great time seeing them and simply spending time together.

X is a cutie pie. He's a 3 yr old ball of energy that brought back tons of memories of when my boys were that small. I could not get enough of his innocence and little phrases such as, "no way" and "I so love you." He ran around trying to keep up with his big cousins he called "my friends."

M's shoe and X's socks - toe to toe

My boys have grown so quickly. Time doesn't fly, it soars. My youngest, E, turned 9 this week.

My oldest, M, surpassed me in height this summer. It seems cliche to say, "seems like yesterday," but it is so true. When people mention high school and college, I shudder. I know we'll be there very soon.
 Head to head

Savor each moment for they are fleeting.

om [one moment] meet upWhat was your 'one moment' this week? What took you out of your present moment and made you reflect, remember, reminisce?

Share in the blog comments here, on your own blog (and link back below) or on my Facebook fan page. If you are on Twitter, I've started a hash tag - #omMeetup so that we can converse if we'd like. We'd love to hear your moment this week!
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  1. MY 13 yo is about a half an inch from topping me - YIKES! It is crazy how fast this goes! I keep trying to look on the bright side of things - like when he's 16 he'll be able to run errands for me!

  2. I relate to this in every way. The photo of your oldest says so much. It's crazy how fast everything seems to travel with family. Thanks for the reminder to slow things down when we can.

  3. Touching post, and so true. I can't believe my nephew is nearly 4 already! Glad to hear you're treasuring those moments :-)

  4. Wow, it looks like "growing" is on the brain. I mentioned that in my OM this week too. Both my garden, and my little girl are growing like weeds :) And I agree, life is really about savoring the little moments.

    Wonderful post!!!

  5. As I read this, I want to close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la". At the same time, there is so much joy in watching them grow into their future selves.


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