Friday, April 23, 2010

OM [one moment] meet up - week #3

We just returned from a last minute trip to NYC. We did a lot in 4 days: Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, shopping, dinner with cousin and family, MoMA, eat, walk, eat, walk, etc. The weather couldn't have been nicer even with one evening of showers.

No matter how fun or how long the vacation, there is always that moment when you unlock the door to your home, walk in, turn on the lights, drop your bags, and are hit with the familiarity of home. That was my moment this week. We did so much and had such a wonderful time but were still happy to come home.

What was your 'one moment' this week? Share in the comments, on your own blog (and link back below) or on my Facebook fan page. We'd love to hear your moment this week!


  1. As I'm in the home stretch of prepping for a big show tomorrow (pocketin boards STILL not done!) - I really need to remember my moment from earlier this week! I'm so glad you've started this Linda, it's keeping me noticing when I very well may be missing things!

  2. My moment is my memory combined with my 7yo reality - pretty cool when that happens.

    We'll be in NYC tomorrow and at the Statue on Sunday. Thanks for your tip earlier this week :)

  3. I think I did this right. My post is about a couple of different walks this week with a few pictures. Walks are so relaxing to me, I need to take them more often.

  4. How beautiful is a wet yard? See my one moment.

  5. Today I went with my cousin and niece to the Fashion Museum at Kent State University. What a fabulous show! I was in awe, basking in the glorious fabrics and designs. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven :) My moment of bliss...


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