Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mini photo/image canvas art

I love small art in nooks, crannies, and unexpected places around the house - especially if it makes you pause, smile, laugh, and think. Every home has that tiny wall, or awkward angle that could use a bit of color and interest.

Several years ago, I bought a supply of 4" x 4" mini canvases. My original intent was to experiment with photo transfer , seen here in an earlier post. I've not perfected the technique, nor have I come close. I'm certain my dissatisfaction correlates with my refusal to follow the recommended instructions or use the suggested materials (my rebellious nature will be noted in a future post).

So, being cheap and crafty, I decided to decoupage the canvas. After all, I like using what I have and, as Tim Gunn says, "make it work." Perhaps this would be considered mixed media, I'm not sure. I feel like I'm somehow cheating. Should I be printing my photos directly on to canvas (kinda expensive) or on to wood blocks (a bit pricier than purchasing these blank canvases).

Here are a few of the canvases I've made. I'm currently working on a few pop art Sophie canvases which I'll share with you when completed. Although I use decoupage medium, I also coat the canvases with a protective sealant.

Stuck between a rock and a hardplace
(also available as necklace, earrings, or mug).
This is from the a photo of Buddha that I took in Vietnam.
I've used this photo as an image in several peices of jewelry and other productds: necklaces, earrings, mugs, and t-shirts.


  1. Linda, those are great!!!! Nicely done!

  2. I also love sticking art in unexpected places. Love these :) the graphics, the size, the little bit of smarty pants humor! Can't comment on a better technique just know they're the diggity bomb.

  3. You are so creative. I love those little pieces of art. I'm also trying to keep myself from playing in that medium. I need to stay focused...but that looks like so much fun!


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