Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hopefully, the storm is over

Wow, we just had a few days of torrential rain fall. Rhode Island has experienced historic flooding with over 16" of rain in the month of March (our yearly rainfall is around 36"). I believe more than 9" fell in the last 2 days. Several of our rivers have crested at double their flood plain. One of our major highways has closed. Power stations and water plants are submerged.

Yesterday morning, as I took E to school, yards and fields looked like lakes. Water came right up to many homes and the rain just kept coming. Today we saw hoses, tubes, and trenches in yards. There were piles of carpet and foam outside doors, as people are cleaning their basements. And we live on the side of the Bay that hasn't been hit the worst.

A friend called yesterday to borrow our wet/dry vac for another friend who was trying to keep up with the flow into her basement. Another friend has 4' (yes, feet) in her basement. I don't think there is a dry basement to be found. Ours has two small areas, by comparison, of seepage. Our neighbors across the street - 2" of water.

It appears that the weather is now breaking and massive clean-up is underway. I'm running off to call some friends to offer help.


  1. We are so close to one another in proximity on the internet, but too far away to actually help. Hope the weather stops dumping on you and you do get a chance to clean up. Hugs.

  2. Great of you to help! The weather has been horrible, but sunny skies ahead! Yeah!

  3. p.s. i love your blog re-do. is that really recent?

  4. Thought of you this morning when I saw RI mentioned in our headlines. Wow!!!! Glad you're okay there - and have a wet/dry vac to lend! I remember my parents dealing with several feet of water in our basement during Hurricane Agnes in the 70s. I thought it was so cool that we had a pool in our basement! ha!

  5. Looking forward to the predicted beautiful weekend. We need it!

    Yes, I just changed the look of my blog very recently. I've been wanting to make the change for some time. There may be a few more tweaks to come but nothing as drastic.


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