Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Holiday lessons learned and shared

This holiday season provided our family with a few lessons that may be helpful to others.

Lesson #1: Always check the interior of the Easy Bake Oven (EBO) before preheating it.

Ah....the Easy Bake Oven, an old friend. This was mine in the 60's. I have fond memories of this toy.
This is E's today. You'll notice that it now resembles a microwave (??? a sign of our times???).

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E got an EBO last Christmas. This year, Santa remembered and brought some replacement mixes: pretzels, cookies, and s'mores. Since E hasn't made anything with the oven since last year's mixes were used, he was thrilled to get started on the new treats. Sweet and savory pretzels were on the menu.

We plugged in the "oven" to preheat it per instructions. In minutes, smoke (accompanied by a foul plastic smell) began to waft from its interior. I quickly unplugged it while asking E what might be inside.

Apparently, he and a neighbor friend had been using it as their play microwave many months back. Unbeknownst to him, or so he says, the friend inserted a plastic pancake. Said pancake was now a melted blob of hardening goo all over the inside of the "oven" and on the light bulb.

Who knew a 100 watt light bulb could be so powerful. Luckily, we could access the inside and scrape out the leftover "pancake." All was not lost and pretzels were happily made. The awful smell dissipated by dinner.

Lesson #2: When buying a drum set, be sure you know and can accept what you are about to endure.

They are very loud...very loud. Luckily our neighbors to the immediate left of us, nearest the basement windows, are much older and hard of hearing.

The upside is that E loves them and practices willingly and often. We've had to set a limit and tell him he couldn't begin playing them until after 9AM. Did I mention they were loud???

Have a safe and fun New Year's! See you in 2010!


  1. So funny! I had an EBO incident as a kid too. My playroom had a big black streak up the wall to the ceiling from an afternoon of baking. Gotta love 'em.

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  2. Hysterical! I'm so sorry I don't have any similar lessons to share...not! ;-)

    I have no visual memory of what MY EBO looked like...I do remember how disappointing the stuff that came out of it tasted!

    As for the drums...really? You didn't think of the consequences? Obviously you were working way too hard on too little sleep!

    LOL! Happy New Year!


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