Monday, October 26, 2009

Water your plants in style with these modern watering cans

I recently came across this great modern rain barrel that incorporates a watering can and a tap. It was designed by a very talented Bas van der Veer in The Netherlands and, in my opinion, is divine. Besides its sleek style, I love that it is multifunctional and eco-friendly.

This discovery got me thinking about watering cans. I have an inexpensive can that drives me batty. It is too small, and forces me to go between my plant(s) and my sink so many times that I've opted to use a huge glass vase instead. So, I thought I'd search for a modern can to replace it. Here are a few that I really liked:




3. Kiwi Watering Can by Alessi - $49.00

My favorite, and one I'll likely purchase is the Twist and Spout. How ingenious to make a handle/spigot to be used on plastic soda bottles. Why didn't I think of that?! And why am I not surprised that it was designed by my buddies over at Fred and Friends!

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  1. Love the stainless one!! You always find the most chic pieces!!!!

    Housewife chic!?


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