Monday, October 26, 2009

Note to self...shipping over 4 lbs to Germany

When shipping the new large seat belt messenger bag to Germany, charge $40.00 for priority international shipping. It is too heavy to ship first class (4+ pounds). I knew I was going to loose $$ on this sale. I just hope the recipient, who is getting it as a gift from my customer, loves it!!

Live and learn, right?!


  1. Oh MAN! That SUCKS! Whats the right way to handle this?

  2. I hate when that happens. I have done it more than once. I will tell you that I have more than one customer send me the difference in the shipping after the fact. Fingers crossed :)


  3. I've lost money on international shipping before. It's rather discouraging. The bag is really lovely though, I was just admiring it a while ago on your flickr.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I made the mistake of assuming (after many lengthy convos) that we were talking domestic shipping. It was a gift to the person in Germany. Totally my fault and I'm going to just eat the cost and chalk it up to a lesson learned. I also assumed I'd be able to ship this bag first class. It's a heavy bag.


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