Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give yourself a different perspective of your home - through the eye of a camera

Have you ever caught a glimpse of a room in your house through the reflection in a mirror? Did this perspective feel new to you? Seeing your house in a mirror or through the eye of a camera can give you insight on your home's decor....or lack thereof.

Earlier this summer, I thought I'd take some pictures of different items/rooms in our house for this purpose. Inspired by other bloggers, I also wanted to see if I could make our super cheap, hand-me-down thrift store pieces (some moved multiple times since....college) look decent through the camera lens. Surprisingly, it actually made me feel a bit better about what I have.

Here's a glimpse of our dining room. Our current style is pretty eclectic. While I lean toward modern or contemporary (i.e., this modern house), my pocketbook steers me otherwise. So, over the years I've purchased based on money and what I could find. We do have a few pieces that we've splurged on, but overall we've simply made our stuff work together...for us.

Give it a try. Go through your house and take some shots. I bet you'll be surprised. Be sure to share your discoveries with me! I'd love to see them.

For more detailed pictures (with notes), visit my Flickr set "our home" here. I'll be featuring some other rooms/perspectives in coming weeks. If you like this feature, stay tuned.


  1. i actually have a "glamour shots of the house" category in my iPhoto. we have a tiny 900 square foot house that we've have to get creative with in terms of furniture/storage/space, etc. The pictures of my house all clean and cozy make me love my house all over again!!

  2. Gorgeous, I love the creative way you have stacked the baskets on top of the armoire! I love the eclectic mix. I remember a shot I got of our small living room when the fireplace was roaring and the kids even said,"Why doesn't it look like that in real life." I'm going to try this too. Can't wait to see your other shots.

  3. I cheated and looked at the entire set! Linda, your house is absolutely beautiful! Now I know why C enjoyed herself so much while she was there. While sophisticated, it looks/feels very homey and well thought out...love the art, the color scheme, everything. I have a new appreciation for modern/contemporary (never thought it could feel so warm).

  4. I love that molding and the paint color in that room...come decorate my pitiful house:)

  5. Thanks, but if you look closely you'll see scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints.

  6. Great idea and I will try it as soon as I get completely settled. Love your dining area!


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