Monday, September 7, 2009

The curse of the creative

Such a true statement! I always thought I'd run out of ideas but they keep coming. I refer to it as a disease because sometimes it literally pains me and it just doesn't go away. I'll get an idea and if I don't try to create it, it haunts me until I do. The curse of the creative.

BTW, this image was originally a picture I took at our local children's museum (yesterday). In a creative jag, I messed with layers and thresholds to come up with this version. I just can't stop!!

update: I took, imo, some great pics at the museum. I'm slowly adding them to my Flickr if you'd like to see them. There was a great new hands-on exhibit that included a giant Lite-Bright. E ran around while I took random photos - fun for both of us!


  1. Love this quote! So true!

  2. Very true! (but, I still have this irrational urge to ration good ideas)


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