Thursday, July 16, 2009

Luxury Camping highlights in pics and tweets

Our camping weekend was lots of fun! I actually even survived my first rain storm in a tent. I mentioned how nice this campground is but did I tell you that the Travel Channel featured Normandy Farms as one of the premier campgrounds in the world. Yeah, I take my camping seriously.

This may not appeal to some...clean bathrooms, 3 outdoor pools/1 indoor pool and a jacuzzi, family casino night, organized events, a kiddie log cabin that is dropped off at your site, firewood delivery, and a full service "Kamper's Kitchen" with seafood and ice cream. For me, this is affordable paradise.

I'm sure this was as close as I'll ever get to "roughing" it. We were rained on and woke up with 2" of water on one end of the tent. It wasn't too bad and we stayed mostly dry. In the middle of the night, I was worried. The lightening seemed awfully close. But, I finally fell asleep and awoke to another beautiful day. And despite E having a pretty terrible cough, the boys really enjoyed themselves and want to go back. I may even take them by myself.

The best part of the weekend was no schedule, no deadlines, and no computer. We played cards, read books, and just enjoyed each other's company. It's amazing how little we do that on a daily basis. Since I was banned from using my laptop over the weekend (although there is internet connection throughout the campground), I found myself thinking about our experience in tweets (140 characters or less) and began jotting a few down:

DAY 1:
"Setting up camp sans husband, doable but not w/out a few curse words."

Night 1:
"Young neighbors having way too much fun into the wee hours. Shut it!"
"Queen size mattress deflates. Oh, well, sleep is overrated. Who needs it?!"

DAY 2:
"5 AM, finally asleep. 5:01, birds singing. 5:15 E wakes and forages for food like a bear."
"Coffee is my lifeblood!"
"Enjoying poolside relaxation! Especially nice when kids and hubby are at a different pool."

Night 2:
"New mattress...thank g'ness for Target."
"Is that lightening? One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand..."
"Torrential rainfall. Tent seams are not waterproof. Raindrops are falling on my head."

Day 3:
"Sad to pack up but looking forward to the next time."
"Love that campground is within 45 minutes of home."


  1. are good. I can't believe that anyone could make camping look so fun! Do you think older kids would like this place?

    Love the photo's and the tweets! :)

  2. Yes, the older kids would like it! You should give it a try.

  3. Looks like a LOT of fun! I would love it. We were going to get a ground tent, but I was to afraid of the unfriendly visitors around here. So, exactly where is this campground?

  4. Great photos! Now that's my idea of camping!!

  5. That first picture of the tent looked like stained glass to me at first, it's wonderful.

  6. I found a new word yesterday that made me think of you and these camping excursions... Glamping - glamorous camping. I love it!

  7. i am making my reservation now!


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