Monday, February 28, 2011

The alamode STUFF studio GIVEAWAY

As you may know, I'm moving across the country.  We're loading up the covered wagon in Rhode Island and moving to Reno, Nevada.  Packing has begun in earnest this week.  Movers are coming out to give us estimates.  Purging is in full swing.

Besides selling much of our personal belongings (out with the old, in with the new) in tag sales throughout spring, I've decided to give away items I've made in my studio to YOU, my wonderful fans, friends, and followers.

Like any "maker," I have dabbled in various projects many of which have landed on my website or Etsy shop.  However, I have lots of things that never quite made it to the public.  From bags and jewelry, to mini canvas art and switchplates. They are all new unless otherwise noted (I may have sample bags that are slightly used).

Here's the plan:  I will choose a group of items weekly.  For instance, this week I'm giving away these resins rings below.

I will tweet or announce on Facebook anytime or any day during that week (Monday-Friday) with instructions.  You simply have to respond accordingly.  It's that easy.  The only restriction is you can only win once a week.  For instance, if you win a ring this week you'll have to wait until next week to try winning again.  However, you can still spread the word and RT for great karma points.

I'll be giving these 6 silver plated adjustable resin rings away, one at a time (randomly), sometime between now and Friday (March 4).  Watch for the announcement on Twitter or my Facebook fan page and one could be yours!

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