Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A glimpse into the alamode STUFF studio

I'll admit I'm a voyeur when it comes to looking into people's living and work spaces. I love to see how people organize and decorate their homes and studios. When Allisa of the blog Quiltish asked me to share photos of my work space for her Studio Peeks post, I panicked.

My studio, the 4th bedroom of our home, is generally a mess. Cleaning and organizing it is always on my "to do" list. I'd like to blame it on space. There's just not enough room to spread out and work. Inventory and supplies take up much of the area, too. Perhaps I've always had the "temporary aspect" of the space in the back of my mind. Or, gulp, maybe I'm just not as organized as I'd like to think I am. Yeah, that last one is probably it.

Since I make many different things (handbags, jewelry, switch plates, pillows, etc.), I'm always in the middle of about 5 different projects. And, when I work, I like to have my supplies spread out all around me. This makes for a very messy, cluttered work area. I'm familiar with the piles but anyone who enters this area may consider it a disaster zone [Now the truth comes out about the origins of this switch plate.].

Back to Allisa's request. I wanted to be a part of her post. I figured it was a great excuse to get organized. Honestly, a bit of humiliation would do me good in point.

My work stations are set up so that I can literally turn (swivel) from my computer, to my switch plate/jewelry station. Just beyond it is my sewing machine area. In the middle of the room is a cutting table that is never clear enough for me to cut fabric. On the remaining two walls are my fabric supplies and inventory. I make due with what I have and it has worked for me. My dream is to have a wonderfully large, bright, modern shed or industrial looking loft someday. [ I do believe that thinking big can be the impetus to dreams coming true.]

see these pictures with notes/tags on flickr here.

Hop on over to Quiltish to see more pictures of my space along with other very bright and organized spaces. Be sure to check out Allisa's bright and beautiful bags on Etsy, as well. Thanks, Allisa, for including me in your post and lighting a fire under me!


  1. IT looks like you cheated and tidied up before the photos your space looks great.

  2. Yes, Lizzie. I'll admit that I cheated and tidied up the place. What you can't see are the piles I'm stepping over. :)

  3. If you move near me next year, we could plan to share a big, cedar modern shed. I'm a quiet roomie...

  4. <3 your creative space! When I read the title of your blog I thought 'YES!! finally someone like me with chaos all around' but then saw your photos and my face fell. :o( Nice to hear that you've tidied up for your photos but still feel I have a way to go before I'm as organised as you, clean up or no clean up!!

  5. oh AND I also work surrounded by the items I need to choose from for my owls which can me me in a circle of detritus about 2 metres across!!

  6. Robyn, I can assure you that my space went back to chaos very shortly after I took those shots. I cannot seem to work in a completely clean space. I embrace my madness!


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