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Blog Baby Shower Giveaway #3 - seat belt tote

This giveaway is closed. See winner announcement here.

Yesterday's winner - Rita at Mochi Studio! Congrats!!

If you've been following my blog in the last 2 days, Candied Fabrics, Smidge Box, and I have been "blogging" a baby shower for Lindy of Crafted by Lindy who's having her 2nd baby very soon. Lindy is a regular contributor to my blog and I wanted to thank her by throwing this fun virtual shower.

First I want to thank everyone involved:

Candied Fabrics
Smidge Box
Sea Find Designs

and our guest of honor, Lindy!

These are all great women with wonderful talent. So, if you are looking for special gifts for yourself or someone else, please think of them.

Lindy, we wish you all the best!!

Now, today's giveaway...

I'm giving away one of my popular seat belt mini totes in dark grey! You can find more details about it here. This bag is made from first quality seat belt overruns and is a great size for both day and evening!

To Enter (1 entry):
1) Leave Lindy a fun comment on this post with a fun parenting story, favorite baby book, well wishes, etc.

1) Visit any shop mentioned above.

2) Choose 1 favorite item from the shop of choice and come back here and comment.

3) Be sure to leave contact info!

Additional entries:
Visit Candied Fabrics and Smidge Box to enter on their sites as well! Names from all three blogs will be combined and 1 winner will be chosen randomly ( at midnight tonight (March 12) EST. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning (March 13).

Spread the word!


  1. Loving the Octopus Fill-In Invitations!! So cute :) Loving the seat-belt bag also!! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Meredith dot Targarona at gmail dot com

  2. Congratulations, Lindy!

    I think the concensus with a lot of moms going into child # 2 is, they have a fear that they "couldn't possibly love # 2 as much as they love # 1". You're soon going to find out that there are NO limits to a mother's love, and you will love # 1 and # 2 equally, but for different reasons because they are different kids.

    It's a bit of a transition going from 1 to 2, but watching your children interact and grow together is such a gift in itself.

    Congratulations again, and good luck with everything! What an exciting time for you! :)

    ~ Beth M.

    logan 4301 @

  3. Oh! I got all worked up reminicing and forgot to mention my favorite item!

    I love the Adama grab & go clutch from Candied Fabrics!

    logan 4301 @

  4. I don't know if this is a funny parenting story, but it is a funny kid story, and also a "watch what you say in front of the kids" story....I have two boys who are 3 years, 3 months, and 3 weeks apart (roughly). They are now almost 7 (Xander) and 3 1/2 (Graham). Graham was a chubby, chubby baby and loved to sit on his brother. One Saturday morning we were all lying in bed when Graham crawled over and sat on Xander, who was lying on his tummy. Xander sighed very loudly then said, "Would someone please get this stinkin' baby off my a$$?" It was one of the funniest things ever, and my husband and I could do nothing but laugh. It's also one of the stories I think about when I am having a bad day and just need a good laugh.

    The cloth blocks at Smidge Box are just way too cute. I love them!

    Excited about this giveaway, too! Fun stuff.

    Michele :-)

  5. Congratulations.

    One of the books I have given as a gift is I Love You So... By
    Marianne Richmond.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  6. No babies yet for me but my mother has already started to crochet baby blankets for future grandchildren. My favorite book to give expectant parents has always been 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Such an awesome classic. Best wished to you and your growing family!

    Everything from SeaFindDesigns is so unique. I love the April Showers Choker.


  7. Hi Lindi,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on your new arrival. As a nurse and a momma wanna be, lol, my best advice is when in doubt find out. If you have questions as to what is in your baby's best health interest look up online from mayo health clinic, or or ask your doctor or local public health nurse, there is a great deal of information out there, but only you can decide.

    My favorite item on your etsy is:
    Mega Messenger bag I just love the colours, the pattern and everything about it, I need one !!! o paycheck paycheck where art thou lol. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity :)


    da_blue_69 at hotmail dot com

  8. Ah, baby #2. The transition from none to one was huge. So is from one to two. Be sure to take lots of photos and video. What fun is in store for you! I hope it goes quickly and smoothly.:)

    All of the stuff is fun. I like the cloth buckets, the medium tote with polka dots added on the outside and I had a tough time picking a favorite from the jewelry since I liked all of it. I think the Stannah is my favorite.

  9. Congratulation Lindy! I wish you and your family the very best.

    I visited all the shop and everyone had a variety of beautiful things, my favorite was the Spring Green Sea Glass Earrings.

    Thanks for the opportunity, I love your seat-belt bags!


  10. Congratulations Lindy!
    I like the Yemaya - Genuine Sea Shell Jewelry - Wampum Pendant from SeaFindDesigns.

    annabell_lee_dk (at)

  11. I love the blue baby girl, abc cloth blocks from smidgebox.


  12. Well, I don't have any fun parenting stories because I've never been a parent, but I do know that you should have Make Way for Ducklings in your babies book collection. Start that collection early to develop a love for books!!!

    My favorite item from the shop is the amazing woven envelope clutch! Super cute!

    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  13. Awesome giveaway!! Congrats Lindy- I'd definitely recommend reading What To Expect When You're Expecting!

  14. Congrats Lindy! One of the favorite books I received when I was pregnant (almost 24 years ago, with twins, but who is counting) was a cookbook put out by the La Leche League called "Whole Foods for the Whole Family." I still use it all of the time, healthy and nutritious recipes even has a kid's cookbook section in it. Good Luck!

  15. Our favorite books ever are the board books by Leslie Patricelli! We have read them to the kids since they were a few months and they still love them 4-6 years later!

    Good luck and many good wishes for you and your family!

    i really love the stone birds baby set from Smidge Box!! Any mom would love to have it, i'm sure!

  16. Even though it is not a baby book, The Giving Tree is my favorite kids book. I remember my mom giving it to me and some times we would cry because the story is so sad. Then I read it to my little sister and I am looking forward to reading it to my kids. I still have the same book from when I was a kid, with my sister's scribbles in it and all. I love the seat belt bag. So stylish. My favorite item on the site is the messenger bags. meganmarlena at

  17. Funny story, out of the mouth of babes...
    My daughter was about 2 at the time and my husband had come home from work and went into the bedroom to change. He took his shirt off and my daughter looked at his chest then turned to me and said, 'if mom's make milk, do dad's make beer?' Too funny the things kids come up with.

    Wishing you the best of luck with baby #2

  18. Don't do housework during naptime! Try to do it when the kids can putter around near you, and you can have some time to yourself while they sleep! (Except at the beginning, when you should try to sleep when the baby sleeps.)

  19. My mom ran a family daycare for 20+ years, and in all those years the most popular story book was The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Its a great colourful classic, and kids of all ages seem to enjoy listening and reading along as the caterpillar stuffs himself with everything in his path, and then emerges as a beautiful butterfly. I'd recommend it to any parent!


  20. Oh my goodness! I just read through all of the posts and they're wonderful. A huge thank you to all of you for the advice, funny stories, book suggestions, etc, etc. It's so great to hear from all of you. It's definitely going to take some getting used to but we're very excited! I can't believe the time is almost up. Yikes!

    haha! Thank you again for all the lovely comments and a huge thank you to Linda, Candy and Leslie for hosting such a fun baby shower! I had a blast!

  21. Best wishes Lindy!

    I love the necklaces at Sea Find Designs! They are all so cute It's hard to pick a favorite!

    Thanks for the chance to win this cute purse!

    Katy :)

  22. My favorite book for babies is Love you forever, by Robert Munsch. And I hope you and your children will enjoy the book too.

  23. Great advice, stories and book suggestions everyone! Thanks for participating!

    My favorite books: where the wild things are, oh the places you'll go, Roberto the insect architect, to name a few.

    Favorite music: goodnight wolfgang and anything Dan Zanes

    I'll post the winner tomorrow!

  24. One other piece of advice stemming from something Xander just said, which was, "everything tastes better on the fancy dishes", as he is eating cinnamon rolls on the fine china and drinking Dr. Pepper out of crystal. Use the god china and crystal with your kids. It's the little, out of the ordinary things that make the best memories.

    Michele :-)

  25. Didn't mean for the last comment to be from anonymous. Good gracious. Also forgot my contact info (

  26. Good Luck on baby #2 Lindy! =)

    I visited Sea Find Designs and love the I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings necklace!


  27. Congrats Lindy...the second one is easier and you are much more relaxed....just don't forget to take as many pictures, or there will be trouble later! lol

    I love candies, branch and birds

    waterrose at mac . com

  28. I love the seatbelt purses, they are so cute! I really like the seat belt tote bag - black and red checkboard. ambrerose(!at)


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