Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day Humor: A foolproof way to silence your kids

photo by OddHarmonic
She covered her ears to yell, originally uploaded by oddharmonic.

We have a surprise abrewing (to be blogged later) for the boys. Last night C and I went to finalize some details. When we returned home, the boys bombarded us with questions as to what we were doing, where we went, was it something for them, etc. Our boys, like many, can be relentless. After about the 20th time they asked what we were doing, and with no end in sight, C blurted out "having sex!"

Game over. Hands went up over ears. Children ran from the room screaming. Not another question has been asked. That was easy.


  1. Excellent. I'll have to keep that trick in mind.

  2. LLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLL! Way too funny! Good idea!

  3. are so right! Hopefully they'll have the courage to ask you questions again some

    thanks for adding my giveaway banner!

  4. One asked at 6 yrs, the other doesn't even like seeing people kiss. Funny how different they can be.

  5. Ha! I can just see them. Can't wait to find out the surprise!


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