Monday, February 15, 2010

blog it forward: what inspires me

Participating in blog it forward (BIF - 300 bloggers connecting to each other through posts from their own blogs)'s my turn to share with you what inspires me.

Much like defining success, narrowing my focus on what inspires me has been tough. I'm inspired by something different every day. Yesterday, for instance, I found myself inspired by fearless 3 - 10 year olds learning to ski for the first time ever. Their ability to learn quickly and effortlessly was amazing.

print by Hide 'n Seek

I am continually inspired by my family: my husband's daily fortitude, my youngest son's wit and compassion, my older son's wisdom and discipline. If I ever need to be inspired, I simply look to them.

we love candy!

I find a lot of inspiration in the kindness of others. It doesn’t take a disaster to see others reaching out to help one another. The biggest inspiration can come from the littlest gesture of kindness.

photo by She Watched the Sky

I always find inspiration in nature through colors, and clean lines; intricate patterns and organic forms.

photo by Kodilu

A visit to my local hardware store often inspires me to look at items for their simplicity in shape. Something we overlook everyday, like laundry detergent containers, can become beautiful pop art simply by grouping them together.

photo by Ned Lyttelton

I love reading modern architecture magazines like Dwell, Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home, and Sunset or gardening books. Fashion magazines and blogs inspire me through words and photos. Yesterday's BIF blogger who linked to me, A Diary of Lovely, is a great example of such a blog.

Beautiful photography inspires me, particularly modern abstract and macro.

photo by Tengtan

Everyday icons, the sounds of the city, and the urban landscape inspire me.

NYC street corner

photo by me

The creative energy of others is also a huge inspiration. All I need to do is spend 5 minutes on Etsy, and I'm pumped to make something new.

You, my readers, are a great source of inspiration. You always have something wonderful to add and I know that I can always count on you to cheer me up, answer my questions, or simply "listen" to me.

Okay, I can go on forever. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to check out tomorrow's BIF blogger, Alexander Salvage, where you will get another great dose of inspiration!


  1. it was great reading what inspires you, thank you so much for your sweet words xoxo

  2. I agree it's so hard to define! But I love all the things you've said. I'm struggling to narrow my list down in drafting my piece for when it's my turn!
    Love your photo of the tilt-shift scene of the cabs on the street!

  3. I love your clear bright and bold picks.

  4. Great post and I love your inspirations!

  5. this is a really fun blog to read!

  6. It is difficult to narrow it down--but I love what you did. Bravo!!

  7. I really enjoy a leisurely stroll through my local hardware store. It is amazing what all they stock! Definitely an inspiring place to spend some time.


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