Friday, February 26, 2010

Adventure to a textile mill in Woonsocket, RI

I spent the morning with my friend Kristin (of KristinCrane on Etsy) sifting through boxes of thread and yarn at an old mill in Woonsocket, RI. What fun! Besides getting lots of free yarn, I was able to take wonderful pictures of this old warehouse mill. I'll edit them this weekend to share with you next week (I'm so excited).

Kristin and I were planning to meet for lunch when she mentioned she was meeting some friends at this old mill to pick up free yarn (mostly thinner fibers for weaving). Lunch + old mill + free (anything) is a sure fire way to get my attention. I'm so glad I went. When I mentioned this adventure to C last night, his response was, "Great! You need boxes of yarn to go along with your many boxes of fabric." Of course, my staple response was, "Right, like you needed to go through 12 years of medical school and residency in addition to your BA degree." That always does the trick.
Lunch was at a Pho restaurant in Providence. Kristin and I always meet for Vietnamese. So, my morning was rounded off with great food and lively conversation. Thanks, Kristin for a lovely morning! I feel great going into the weekend.
For local weaving and knitting friends, the fibers are available until the end of March. Please contact me directly for details,

Have a nice weekend everyone. I have some fun things planned for next week including announcing a virtual baby shower. Stay tuned!!


  1. hello my friend!

    i am loving the twine. sounds like a great day.


  2. So glad you came! It was a fun morning.

  3. What fun! And, may I say...most perfect smack down of hubby ever! ;-)

  4. I've used that "smack down" for going on 13 years now. It works every time. I don't know what I'll do when he's finished, but I'm sure I'll find something else.


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