Friday, February 26, 2010

bad mommy moment #79833

I yell at my boys oldest son often re: picking up his wet towel. I just found a wet towel on the floor of my closet from this morning. It is now 4:24 PM. Shhhhh!


  1. Oh hon... May that be your worst mommy moment! We all have scars from "mommy meltdowns" that our kids will never even remember :) The trick is to forgive yourself and move on.

  2. Just looked at your "life with boys"post. My son did stuff like that all the time. My daughter on the other hand made "homemade" shampoo and didn't tell us she dumped ours and put her concoction in the bottle. Hers had toothpaste in it so you can imagine that blowdry :P She also experimented with a plugged in lamp by putting a battery in the socket instead of a bulb. Blew all the electric. She's now 23 and a very successful casting agent for CBS in Hollywood. We just found out about the electric 2 years ago. The fun never ends :)

  3. What great stories that I'm sure will be shared for years to come. I'm glad to hear there is hope for me and my boys!


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