Friday, March 16, 2012

A Blurb about our trip to Hawaii

As promised, here are some photos from our Maui vacation.

I've always been a hoarder of photos meant to be showcased in my half completed scrapbooks.  Who has the time? I admire people who can keep up with all their family photos and create amazing keepsakes.  I have boxes upon boxes of photos from Max's childhood. When Ethan came along, everything switched to digital. This made it even easier to produce thousands of digital photos. It gets out of control.  My good friend, Lourdes, has given me several beautiful hard covered photo books from when she and her family visits. I treasure those books and flip through them often. What a priceless gift. 

So, I decided to make one myself.

When we returned from our vacation, I quickly (and easily) made a photo book via Blub. This hard covered book turned out beautifully.  Even my Instagram photos (lower resolution) are fantastic. The process was easy once I got used to all the editing options. My proverbial hand was held through each page, step, and process along the way. The book arrived in about one week. It is a keepsake that will bring us back to this specific vacation each time we look at it.

Blurb allows you to share your books as well as make them available for purchase. Thinking outside the "family photos/vacation" box, you can create personalized (or general) storybooks for kids, books showcasing your work or photography, personal planners, custom notebooks, and cookbooks. You can also make Facebook photo books. You can essentially create and publish anything using your own photos. How cool is that?! I love it. Oh, and this book only cost $36. A personalized hardcover book for under $40. Now that's awesome.

Use this code [15OFFBLURB] to get 15% off of your Blurb book | Offer expires 3/31/12

*Since I really think Blurb is the bomb, I have become an affiliate and do get paid should you purchase via any Blurb links on my blog. If you decide to give them a try, I'd appreciate it if you'd consider doing it through me/my blog. Contact me if you want to learn about coupons or special promotions. I'll send them your way.

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