Friday, February 17, 2012

Sun, surf, and sea turtles - OM [one moment] meet up

Maui Sea Turtle

At what point do you get excited about a vacation? Is it when you book the flight and hotel? Is it as you begin planning your itinerary? Or is it when you pack?  For me, it's when I'm on the last leg of my flight, no turning back.

This week, I began packing for Maui.  Four bathing suits, numerous halter dresses, and flip flops later, I decided that I really didn't care what I was packing.  If I only wear my swimsuit and sit on the beach all week, that's okay with me. I just want to see the four of us smiling and relaxing.

I've been dreaming of this vacation for many years. It's one that we had planned to take right after C's residency. However, moving from one coast to the other was enough excitement for us last year.

So, the blog will be on haitus next week. I know you'll understand.  Aloha.

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