Friday, December 9, 2011

Parenthood Christmas play revisited || OM [one moment] meet up

If you are a parent and haven't seen the 1989 Ron Howard movie Parenthood, you probably should (also not a bad idea if you are planning to become a parent).  I cannot tell you how many times I've referenced that movie to my own parenting situations. One particular scene is the Christmas play below and the very feeling that I'm on a roller coaster in life speeding out of control.

E embarrasses easily and hates (H A T E S) to be in front of a crowd. Naturally, concerts are not his favorite thing. Even less palatable to him is photo/video taking by his parents. So his reaction to Chris taking a photo with his iPhone last night should not have surprised us.  However, it was. And not in a good way.

Between songs, and after the applause quieted, E shouted "Put down the iPhone" accompanied by a scowl. That was the point at which I was on top of my parenting roller coaster plummeting toward the earth.  Luckily, my ride came to an abrupt halt when another boy in the front row acted out, in full squat and red scrunched face, 6 geese a-laying [eggs].

NOTE: I really like the Parenthood TV show based on the movie.
NOTE 2: The diarrhea song scene is another scene we often relive.


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