Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY wood candle holder

I had an old piece of wood sitting around that I thought would be perfect as a tea light candle holder.  This project is easy and quick. I made mine in 10 minutes on Thanksgiving morning (including time to gather the tools).

Here's what you need:

old chunk of wood (any size; non pressure treated)
1 1/2" drill bit
marker or pencil

Measure, divide and mark your wood where you want to place your candles.  I drilled 7 holes evenly spaced in the wood.  I steadied the wood between my feet but it would be easier if you used a vice or helper.  Drill straight down and just far enough for your tea lights to fit.

Viola!  That's it.  Now you can decorate this with almost anything for each season.  I used pine cones and branches.  For Spring, you could use shells or berry branches.  For Fall you could use mini pumpkins and gourds. 

Additional ideas:

  • Use metal "C" clamps (they come in various metals at the hardware store - just ask) and attach narrow beaker glass vases (or test tubes) onto the sides for flowers. I saw the vases at Target for less than $2 each.
  • Drill the holes deep enough to insert vases directly into the wood.  You could make this with all vases or a combo of vases and tea lights.
  • Paint (water base), decoupage, or embellish the wood.

  • Put them in your fireplace for easy ambiance.
Your options are endless.  Let your creativity flow. 

If you make one, please send me a photo or link.  I'd love to see where your creativity takes you.

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