Friday, August 19, 2011

A positive mommy moment - OM [one moment] meet up

E in his new school uniform, looking sharp.

The other afternoon, E (9yo) sadly came into the house from playing with some neighbor friends outside.  He had experienced something, with one of the adults, that caused him dismay.  It was a situation where he read into the adult's expression and it made him feel badly.

One of the most challenging things in parenting is teaching your child a life lesson that has gray areas.   Relationships are nuanced and sometimes that is easily lost on kids, even adults at times.

We talked about the situation for quite a few minutes.  I felt like I wasn't getting through to him, as I often feel in these types of conversations.  But, we kept talking...and talking.  Suddenly he said, "Thanks, Mom.  You've made me feel much better about it."

Such a great feeling to have made him feel better and to know he was processing what I was saying.  That moment really made my week.

I want to hear about your week.  Did you have a revelation?  Did something funny happen?  Please share!


  1. Awww, what a great Mom moment - and boy does he look snazzy! I love when we can get great "crazy" poses from our kids.

    Do they have to wear the jacket and tie EVERY day? Or is there a slightly more casual version of the uniform too?

  2. This is so sweet and comforting to me as a mom. They do listen. We can help. They do find comfort in our words and our hugs.

    He looks so sharp! One more week...

  3. Those are the best moments and I'm glad you were able to get almost instant gratification. I find that a week or a month will go by and then I hear or see that the boys were listening to me at the time. No Charlie Brown grown-up "wah-wah-wah" voice for us!


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