Friday, March 4, 2011

Vintage Maker app - a fun iPhone movie editing program

We have so much going on right now that it seems hard for me to narrow down my "one moment" this week.  It's been busy.  However, this is something I want to share with you that made me laugh (as well as my me) over and over again.  To me, a good laugh is priceless.  It's cathartic and healthy.  It provides a great deal of release.

I came across this iPhone app called Video Maker by macphun LLC.  If any of you have dabbled in home videos (which has become so easy now that there are Flip cameras and video on many phones) you know that some footage is...well, boring.  Video Maker turns those "blah" videos into fun footage.  The basic app allows you to turn your video into old fashioned silent movies with piano music, 60s reel video with projector sound, black and white, or sepia.  You can even add your own music.  Here's what tickled my fancy this week.  I hope you enjoy them.

Sophie's Walk

M skateboarding

Me and my shadow

The app is currently $1.99.  I'm not sure if this app is only for iPhone but it is so worth checking out.  I may even upgrade mine for more bells and whistles.

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  1. What a great app...reminds me of old Laurel and Hardy movies....

  2. These are awesome! Gonna go see if I can get this for my droid!

  3. OMG OMG I love it!!! I'm going to down load it right now!!

  4. OH-MY-GOODNESS! How absolutely awesome is this?! Thank you for sharing, so excited to try it out!


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