Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S-T-A-Y cation...we're going to have some fun

I love that the word staycation is now a part of our vernacular.  Outside of its obvious economic significance, it seems a worthwhile way to get things done around the house.  This week, the kids are on winter break and the hubs a much needed week long work break.

So, what are we doing?  Well, for starters, we found a great skatepark via my friend @jcante.  For you locals, it's called Greenside Skatepark in Middletown, RI.  Now this is a place I had wanted to take the boys for months and they refused, always siting their desire to stay home and do nothing.  My mother gut told me to make them check it out and, sure enough, they thought it was the coolest thing evah.  So, when we learned they were offering skateboard clinics this week, I made them sign up (again, with some resistance). Mom guts know best!

Skateboarding is Cool

We took it one day at a time and today, Wednesday, is the 3rd day they've wanted to go for instruction.  I have a feeling we'll end up going all week.  And, true to my gut feelings, they've learned a lot and love it.  I told them yesterday that what they are learning can never be taken away from them.  I think this was also a lesson in not being self conscious, or fearful of failure and pain.

Hubs has just been enjoying life sans pager and calls from the hospital 24/7.  He has happily taken the boys all the way to Middletown (45 minutes from us and near Newport, RI) each day and waited patiently there for several hours. 

As for me, I'm trying to work only as needed and enjoy being with the family.  It's been a nice balance of work and pleasure.  Today, I need to begin the dreaded task of getting this house ready to be placed on the market for sale.  My office/studio is the first thing that needs to get organized.  I'll admit, I'm pretty grumpy about it.

So, what's going on in your week?


  1. Ah, but as you're cleaning and organizing, you get to think about what's gonna move into your new house, where it will go, what gets to stay my book - FUN!

  2. I love that...staycation! Gonna use it as my new "WOD" to convince the kids that staying home on winter break ain't so bad!!! Mwah ha ha ha

    Good luck on the cleaning & organizing...and no, I'm not helpin'! ;) xoxo Beth


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