Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great party ideas from beautiful blog, Bump Smitten

I don't know about you, but I can easily lose time when reading beautiful blogs.  Once a week, I sit down with my iPad and immerse myself in lovely photos,tasty recipes, and new diy ideas.  I go from one blog to the next amazed at the goodies I find.

My sister-in-law Elizabeth, along with her friend Emilie, started a blog called Bump Smitten in September of 2010.  After spending hours attending, discussing, and throwing baby showers for their friends (and having showers thrown for them), they decided to create a resource for women looking for unique (completely beyond the ordinary) party ideas.  While Bump Smitten is a bright and cheery blog that specializes in baby showers, it will give you great ideas for any kind of party or gathering.  The photos are beautiful and inspirational.  Each time I visit, I come away with something I'd like to incorporate into my home on next gathering.  For instance...

I love this fairytale themed shower.  What a great idea to use books to add height to the floral arrangement in the table display.  I love the take away bookmarks hanging from tree branches.  And, you've gotta check out the cake in the post!  Wouldn't these be a lovely graduation party theme?  Or even great for book club?

I also adore these diy party bag project, easily adaptable to any event.

Put some sunshine into this snowy winter day and visit Bump Smitten.  You don't have to be pregnant or planning a shower anytime soon to enjoy this beautiful blog.

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  1. Oh dear, you've thrown me down the rabbits hole...makes me wanna have another baby! (I must be delirious!)


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