Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wearing handmade for the holidays

Last Friday, my husband and I got dolled up for his annual holiday dinner party.  [I might add that this is our last here in Rhode Island and his last as a resident.]  It's always fun to get dressed up, especially when I typically live in jeans and t-shirts.  I particularly enjoyed this year's outfit as I was able to incorporate several special handmade items.

1. dress by Anne Klein, 2. vintage jacket, 3. hand dyed velvet scarf by Candied Fabrics, 4. shoes by Franco Barbieri, 5. handmade felt flower pin by VaivaNat, 6. handmade seatbelt clutch by a la mode.

The other day, Tara from Scoutie Girl, referenced a post she had written some time ago.  It really resonated with me as I pulled this outfit together.  I couldn't agree more with Tara in that we should never be embarrassed about being frugal and wearing handmade. 
"There’s no need to think of your frugal living, creative lifestyle, or out-of-the-norm sense of style as an indicator of having less money. It’s an indicator of being cool – something to strive for – something others wish they had. You look cool, you are cool, people want to be more like you and less like everyone else." [Excerpt from Tara's post.]
I've always enjoyed wearing something, anything, that makes me stand out a bit.  More often than not, that something has been handmade by either me or a wonderful artisan.  Those very items are always the ones that get noticed and complimented the most! I will always be frugal, shopping for vintage items and sales.  I can't wear 100% handmade every day and I do have my share of Calvin Klein and Fly Londons (most of which I buy at much reduced prices).  But, I do make an effort to wear something handmade just about every day.  And those are the items that make me feel most special.

So here's where Tara's post and my reality converge.  My dinner party was with a room full of doctors and hospital administrators.  My future will be filled with events like these.  Believe me, there is nothing more intimidating than conversing with a bunch of brain surgeons (literally).  All the women were decked in their finest and looked smashing. If ever there was an opportunity to be self conscious, this would be it for me.  But I felt great wearing my mix of handmade, vintage, and reduced price designer labels. 

Wear handmade with confidence!  Mix it up and enjoy the holiday parties!


  1. Think of the difference you can make throughout the'll be spreading the handmade word in a crowd of people who have the money to make a difference and BUY HANDMADE! woot!


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