Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Easy mini pudding pie

I love the idea of making things from scratch.  I secretly wish I could bake like Martha.  I dream of buying only organic.  Truth is that I am often looking for quick fixes, I don't have the time to bake like Martha, and I can't afford to buy only organic all the time. 

Once school starts,  I'm running around like most moms.  I'd love to have warm, fresh baked cookies made from scratch sitting on my counter when the boys come home.  Instead, I'm often berated for not having any snacks in the house.  In my head I envision June Cleaver, in reality I feel more like Rosanne Barr 

[Proudly, I will tell you that E often asks specifically for "unhealthy snacks" instead of the fruits & vegetables I force him to eat.  I must be doing something right].

You can imagine how excited the kids are when they come home to find something, anything, specially made for them.  Last week, I pulled out an old standby that is so fast and easy to make it will leave you giggling.  It's a favorite in my house - mini pudding pies.  It will take you all of 10 minutes to prepare, if that.

What you need:
  • box of instant pudding (I buy sugar free)
  • milk
  • pre-made mini graham cracker pie crusts (available in the baking supply aisle at the grocery store)
Prepare pudding as instructed on the box, pour into pie crusts, add a favorite topping (in this case mini chocolate chips) and refrigerate.

These are vanilla with mini chocolate chips.  Get creative!  Make fudge topped with a strawberry or butterscotch with a dollop of whipped cream.  Your kids can even make them by themselves!



  1. Now this is a recipe even I can handle!

    Love it, I might even give it a try today. My kids will be thrilled, thanks for sharing.

  2. Jaci, would love to hear if you made them and what the kids think!!

  3. I want one of these for myself, never mind the kids!

    My Mom used to mix a box of strawberry Jello, sliced strawberries, and a container of Cool Whip, then plop the whole mess into a graham cracker crust and refrigerate 'til set. I'd eat half a pie in one sitting, easy.

    Michelle for <a href=">New England Multimedia</a>

  4. Michelle, I always save at least one for me. : )


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