Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Easy diy Lady Gaga steak head piece for Halloween

I almost always dress up for Halloween, but each year it seems that I have less time to decorate or make costumes.  As the kids get older, they want more control over their costumes.  Gone are the days of M&Ms, cute mummies and butterfly costumes.  They no longer want me to make their costumes but rather buy them piece by piece at the Halloween shop that pops up each year. This year, I haven't even begun to decorate my house as I've done in years past.  So, an ultra easy costume had to be the way to go!

As I strolled the aisles of my local Target a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but wander through the Halloween section.  I had intended to simply wear my devil horns again this year until I saw an inexpensive blond wig ($4.99).  I have never been a blond before.  Eager to see if I'd indeed have more fun, I purchased the wig not knowing what I'd be.  Then, it came to me...if I slap a piece of meat on my head, I could be Lady Gaga.

Since I wasn't about to wear a real piece of meat on my head, I decided to make a faux meat fascinator.  This cost me all of 90 cents for the three pieces of felt and was extremely easy to make.  If you are naturally blond and on a budget, you can't get an easier costume than this!

What you need:

3 pieces of felt (2 white, 1 red)
pattern (printable pdf here)
bobby pins

1.  Place your printed pattern onto a piece of white felt, pin, and cut on the outermost line #1.

2.  Remove pins and place the pattern onto the red piece of felt, pin, and cut on line #2.

3.  Remove pins and place the pattern onto the last piece of white felt, pin, and cut on line #3, the t-bone.l

4.  Glue the red felt onto the white felt and the t-bone on top of the red felt.

5.  Punch or poke holes where you'd like to place your bobby pins and secure to your hair or wig.

I added a funky pair of work goggles (from my local hardware store - $2.99) which can be bedazzled, .  You can make this out of any fabric or craft foam.  You can also secure the steak to a headband or clear elastic.   Think bigger and make a giant steak to wear over your clothes or make many and pin them to your entire body.

Now the fun will be in seeing who recognizes the costume right away and who stares at me while scratching their heads.  Are you dressing up for Halloween this weekend?

Printable pdf pattern:  Lady Gaga t-bone stake head piece


  1. I love your costume, Linda!

  2. That was me who said "I love your costume, Linda." Haven't really figure out this commenting ...


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