Thursday, September 23, 2010

Over the Rainbow - posted by Crafted by Lindy - Fab Finds from Etsy

Top to Bottom, Left to Right

1. Judy Garland Scarlet and Turquoise Cotton Pleated Purse - Edelind

2. Vintage Harvest - Fine Art Nature Photography Print (8x10) - buckscountyframes

3. Antique Button Push Pins - Button Ups Design

4. Hand-Dyed Cotton Twine - Chartreuse Green - Treasury Pick - olivemanna
Top to Bottom, Left to Right

5. Teal Blue Knee Length Jersey Skirt-Self Portrait - Zoe Chen

6. Braided Maiden Headband/Earwarmers in Variegated Purple - Yes Jess

7. Button Up Scarf in Silver Grey Merino Wool and Silk - awkward

8. Mineral makeup Mascara Strength and length All Natural Intense Balck - NatureGirlz

[Lindy lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, son and new baby girl. Besides blogging, she enjoys running her stationary business and creating new designs for her Etsy shop. You can read her own blog here.]


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