Monday, September 27, 2010

5 ways to make your holiday shopping easy

I don't know about you, but the holidays stress me.  The commercialism has bummed me out for years.  I actually get a knee jerk reaction to all the advertising and promotions.  I refuse to go to the malls and cringe at the thought of fighting any crowd.  Luckily, much of my shopping can be done online since I have to ship all over the country anyway.  As the holidays are just around the corner, I thought I'd share with you 5 ways I've made my holiday shopping easier:

1.  Make a list.  My list often starts earilier in the year.  How many times do you see something that you think your best friend or family member might like but then you forget it by the holidays?  Write it down for future reference.  Carry your list with you (mine happens to be on my phone).

2.  Shop local.  I take advantage of the holiday artisan and craft shows in the area.  I find everything from teacher's gifts to that special gift for the hard to buy for person.  I will be sure to share some local shows with you in the coming weeks. 

3.  Shop by your ship to location.  I had an epiphany last November when I was running late to ship my mom's birthday present (I'm always late for birthdays).  Why not buy from someone in her area?  The shipping would take less time and I'd be introducing her to a local artisan.  So, I searched for Etsy shops located in the Denver area and purchased from a great person who even offered to deliver the package. 

4.  Buy handmade.  To me, a gift that is handmade and carefully chosen or made for me is treasured dearly.  I know the work and passion that goes into the item.  I appreciate the thought that went into choosing it just for me.  Every time I see, wear, or use it I always remember the person who gave it to me. 

5.  Join me in A Crafty Holiday blog hop.  Angela, of The Artists House, is hosting a blog hop that will take place November 1 - December 20.  Participating blogs will feature handmade shops and items on their personal lists (be it to give or to get) and share why they are vowing to buy handmade this year.  You can participate by reading our posts OR you can be a participating blogger.  For more details, please visit Angela's blog and sign up.

I'm vowing to make this a stress free, handmade buying holiday this year!


  1. This is awesome! Yes, stress free and handmade! Add family, food, and wine --you got yourself a perfect holiday season ;)

  2. I'm w/angela...but don't forget the cookies!


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