Monday, August 16, 2010

Captured: LOVE

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[Captured is a weekly column curated by Diana Brennan of D. S. Brennan Photography. Diana lives with her husband in Rhode Island, where she spends her time immersed in photography, gardening, cooking, and home renovation projects. You can read her own blog here.]


  1. ok, I have to say this, "I love it" Have you seen the person on Etsy who creates photographs of peoples names with images that looks like letter of their name. It's very cool.

  2. Rose, we have one our last name in photographed "letter objects." Got it for hubs for Christmas one year from a local art store.

    Isn't that a great photo?! "Loves" it, too!

  3. sometimes when i am walking along, i will see objects that look like letters. i guess i am more aware that it is one person's idea of art. very creative.

  4. Eileen, it's interesting to see details differently like that.

    Thanks for responding to my Twitter question.


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