Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decorating with industrial elements - an old metal cabinet finds new life

Back in February, I wrote several posts about visiting an old mill here in RI.  It had been shut down and my friend,  Kristin Crane, and I were there to pick up left over thread and yarn.  [It's also where I took some great photographs that I'm selling in my Etsy shop.  You can read more in this post and this post.]

As we were leaving the mill, I saw this old metal cabinet on wheels.  It reminded me of an auto body shop tool cabinet.  Since everything was up for grabs, it became mine.

My plan was to find someone in the auto repair industry to powder coat it like a car.  I could envision it painted in shiny fire engine red with little metallic flecks.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone to do the job (it probably would've cost me too much, anyway).  So, I had a friend's boyfriend, who meticulously fixes cars, spray paint it (with auto paint) and this is how it turned out.

I love it and can't wait to find a proper use for it.  I imagine it sitting in my large loft studio space rolling around with art supplies inside.  Okay, I'm dreaming agian. 

Earlier this week, I found some great industrial pieces of furniture in the Home Decorators catalog.  Consider adding a few unexpected elements like these to your decor. 

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  1. Love the red metal one and the console table.
    You have a great eye.


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