Saturday, November 14, 2009

New this week @ à la mode...

...or at least in the last several weeks. Click photos for details.


  1. OMG - the bag is amazing and the switch plates are hysterical!

    i thought of you yesterday because i had a hunch that you would see the humor in this: i was listening to while making little dolls (see my latest post). so i'm cutting up pink fluffy tulle, surrounded in pink, while listening to the pixies "sea of mutilation" and just thought this is such a paradox!

    your linkedin is still on my to-do and i hope to do it very soon!


  2. I adore this bag polka dot. I noticed it in your etsy shop this morning. Thanks again for featuring my doll for your local finds/holiday shopping on kidoinfo. I'm also happy to discover your shop and the other interesting artists making stuff in Rhode Island. Sincerely, Beth

  3. Linda, that bag is totally GORGEOUS! Thanks for including my art set in your post also...see you soon! L.


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