Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming

Funny thing about running a predominantly online business...when you have computer problems, it virtually shuts down your entire operation. Yesterday, my computer decided to take a sick day. Can't blame it. It's overworked, underpaid and perpetually stressed. Rather than stress about it myself, I decided to take the opportunity to get caught up on production. I finished several bags, a pillow, and began working on another new product for the home (to be shared soon). It was a productive day. However, my regularly scheduled posts have been thrown off. So, please excuse me while I get caught up this week on the blog.

I would like to share a tidbit of mommy goodness. I mentioned a few weeks back (in this post here), that amidst the mundane of our everyday lives there are tidbits of parenting joy when we least expect it. This morning I had one.

My 8 yr old, has decided that he wants to catch the school bus by himself now. The stop is within earshot of our house but out of my sightline. So, the agreement is that he waves to me from the bus when it passes the house. I hustled him out the door only to stand on the porch, listening, to wait for the bus to pull by. This morning, he not only waved but blew me a kiss. My heart was filled and my morning made.

Alright...happy Tuesday. It's back to work.
[bus photo via flickr - jimross90]


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