Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quilting...for the birds!

I was working on this post about my very talented cyber friend, Candy Glendening (Redlands, CA) of Candied Fabrics. We've gotten to know each other via blogs, Twitter, and various online venues. Like me, she has two boys (similar in age to mine, 8 & 12) and a hubby in academia (hers in administration, mine in servitude). She is a wonderful quilter and even dyes her own fabrics. Candy's work is bright and cheerful. Even her avatar makes me smile each time I see it. [Candy, I'm must you dress colorfully or, like me, in black all the time?]

I initially wanted to share her newest series of quilted bird panels. Individually crafted, each panel was created to be hung and uniquely combined into a larger collection. An every changing wall quilt, so to speak. What a wonderful impact it makes over a bed. [click on photos for larger image.]

So, I visit Candy's blog to grab some photos for this post and BLAMO, she threw me a curve ball. Now, she's come up with these super cute onesies. Candy, I can't keep up with you! How darn cute are these?! Made with Organic cotton, each is hand dyed with an adorable "free motion stitch" patch. [Okay, now she's just showing off..."free motion stitch."]

Candy is working toward an upcoming show so, I believe, these items won't be in her Etsy shop. You may want to visit her blog and contact her if you are interested in purchasing any of them. I have a feeling she won't have any left after the show!


  1. Whoa, thanks so much for the write-up! I'm truly honored...I love this little blog-o-sphere, it' so great to be able to connect with like minded folk from far away. I'm also happy that the intent behind my art is received in the manner I had hoped...color and pattern to bring joy to others!

    And, the vast majority of my tops, as well as many pants, are dyed, usually vivid colors! When I walk into the classroom and I'm not wearing something I dyed the students all comment (it's usually laundry day!) ;-)

  2. How beautiful and bright! Love fabric, quilts, quilting....dreaming of quilts, quilting....I think there's a theme going there!


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