Saturday, October 24, 2009

New this week @ alamode...bags, bags, and more bags

I'm officially working in high gear catching up on many orders and preparing for the holiday shows. Here are a few bags that were completed this week: The seat belt clutch with chrome handle, $58.00, is currently only available at Craftland, in Providence. I am making a variety of bags from this blue webbing, but they are limited edition. Additional colors include: red, grey, and black

The Ultraweave Tote Bag, $80.00, was first introduced last fall. The bag is made with Ultrasuede and a durable seat belt bottom. For those who like the look of seat belts but want a lighter bag option, this bag is great. It will be available in a variety of colors and also in a messenger bag style.

I never thought I'd be so excited about recieving a huge box of hardware and bag supplies, but yesterday I was. My order came in and I can't wait to start using the new D rings and sliders. Stay tuned...

This weekend, I'll be making several custom seat belt messenger bags (they'll be added to my custom work on Flickr). On a personal note, C is working all weekend and we have football games, art classes, and guitar lessons. Do you ever feel like you're a hamster on a treadmill? Or George Jetson walking Astro? "Jane, get me off this crazy thing!"

[source: TV by the Numbers]

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  1. Commented on flicker already, but I love the Ultrasuede and seatbelt combo. Great look.



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