Friday, September 4, 2009

Last night I had the strangest dream...

I was invited to a big formal dinner party at the White House. Initially, I was put off by the fact that I was at the table of least importance. However, as the night progressed, the Obamas began hanging out with me more. The party was apparently to thank staff and choose the gifts to give out to dignitaries in the coming year. I helped the President choose interesting chocolates.

The party went on into the night with people crashing in their ball gowns and tuxedos all around me. I left the party feelilng a bit surprised and disappointed that the President partied the way I do.


  1. i like a dream that includes chocolate!


  2. I am not at all surprised to learn, via your dream, that Barack and Michelle party like you do. They are also cool, fun people. i would love to hang out with them too.


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