Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sewing with color

I just finished this sheath, Vogue #1544, which will go into cocktail rotation as soon as the weather cools a bit.  The standing collar makes the dress feel a bit more appropriate for fall weather.  What I like about shapeless dresses like this is that it is so comfy but, if styled right, can still be very stylish and sexy.  I'll wear this with a great pair of slinky heels and chunky bracelets.

Since I primarily buy clothes in black, I tend to buy fabric in colors.  This is a deep purple crepe I had in my stash.  Unfortunately, I don't remember where I purchased it.

Changes I made:  I didn't add the lining because I like to wear slips with the dresses and find most linings annoying.  I didn't add a zipper because the neck opening was large enough to slip the dress over my head.  More importantly, I opt for no zipper any time I can because I'm too lazy to run to the store to buy one.  In many cases, a zipper isn't needed especially in dresses that aren't body hugging.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased and will certainly wear it which is what matters most.

Are there shortcuts you use when sewing?

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