Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Turning a photo into canvas art with Easy Canvas Prints

A few weeks ago, as I lay in bed creating a list of 'things to do,' I revisited the idea of having one of my photographs printed on canvas. I've considered this many times before but typically got stuck on which photo to use and what size to choose. The following day, I was serendipitously contacted by Brendan at Easy Canvas Prints asking if I'd consider writing a review about their product.

This isn't the first time I've been contacted to write a review.  However, it is the first time that I've been contacted by a company whose product genuinely interested me.  And the timing...  So, I agreed and placed my order.  I upgraded from an 8" x 10" canvas that I was offered to a 16" x 20" (so I did have some money at stake here).  I purposefully chose my red fire hydrant photo because of the depth of field, color, and details.  I had my canvas within the next week and was very pleased with the quality.  Here it is on my chartreuse (yes, crazy bright green - I love it!) studio wall. 

Their website is very user friendly.  Their prices are right.  Most importantly, I was very happy with the end product.  So much so, that I've recently ordered another one (follow-up to come).

My studio is still vastly packed up and messy. I do hope to show you more pictures of it as it becomes presentable.  This wall will eventually showcase many different prints, photos, art.  My "home is" print just above the canvas is in an 8" x 10" frame for reference.


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