Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make your own decorative gift bag

I enjoy wrapping gifts when I have the time and energy.  I like to coordinate the paper, bows, and tags to make a beautifully cohesive grouping under my tree.  This year, my gifts are wrapped in bright green with red ribbons.  I made peppermint candy gift tags to add a final touch to the packages.

For years, I've been making little gift bags (see below) for smaller itemss.  I don't recall where I learned to do this.  I've used the same old craft paper template over and over.  Every year, I panic thinking I've lost the template.  So, this year, I've created a video to share with you and to help me remember how to make these all year round.
What you need:

paper (any size rectangle and any kind of paper: newspaper, craft, wrapping, decorative, etc.)

scissors (regular and pinking/decorative)

hole punch

ribbon or string

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  1. Cute little bags, Linda! I linked to this post today.


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