Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 white interior spaces that recently caught my eye...and why

I've always been drawn to white rooms but don't think I'd ever be brave enough to live in one.   Perhaps I like the stark contrast between the white and dark objects or the clean airy feeling these rooms evoke.  Whatever the case may be, these are rooms that recently caught me eye.

I tend to bookmark or favorite a lot of things I find on the internet and forget what I was thinking when I do so.  I thought I'd gather these rooms together and point out just what I like about each one.  It's just my opinion.  Let me know what you think about these rooms.  Do they work for you?  What do you like or hate? 

I love the mixed of antique and modern in this room.  It makes the table relevant in an otherwise modern space. [source]

I'm not a fan of this tub here but I do love the sink: built-in and over sized basins, strong edges, and honed marble.  The edges are very striking and are a nice contrast to the rounded tub.  I also love the over sized mirror and it's wooden frame. There is just enough wood to give warmth to this room. [source]

I'd never be brave enough to paint my wood floors at all, let alone white.  However, I've always admired the effect.  I love the contrast of black in this room.  It's appears only in small details: frames, lamp, chair.  I also think that adding a touch of gray rather than black or another color under the table, adds interest without being harsh.  And, I have a thing about tripod lamps.  That this one has a wood base is perfect for this room. [source]

I love, LOVE, the chest of drawers in this room.  If the walls were painted any other color than white, it wouldn't stand out as much and make the same statement.  In this room, if the floors were painted white it would be too much.  The balance between it all works quite nicely. [source]


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