Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Custom dog houses - Sophie's choice

Having found herself in this new world of adorable, loyal, fun loving 4 legged friends (of the barking sort), my owner has naturally begun noticing all the accessories available for us.   Come on, you knew it wouldn't take long.  Fortunately, she doesn't dress me in those ridiculous outfits.  However, beyond tutus there is so much more out there.

Having come from dog royalty myself, I'd like to believe I have a keen eye for dog design.  Partially influenced by my owner, I will be periodically featuring some fabulous dog finds under the title Sophie's Choice.

Without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to my first feature,  Best Friend's Home, a German company that makes dog houses "ranging from a puristic Bauhaus style cube to an idyllic Swedish style doghouse." [source]

Naturally, I lean toward this regal looking mansion.  As a matter of fact, I do believe that may be one of my cousins sitting here.

But of course, said owner is partial to the ultra modern Cubix.

Visit Best Friend's Home to see their other styles available.


  1. OMG! I love Sophie's choice in dog houses. Heck, they are good enough for me to live in. Thanks Sophie for the great review! Please "heal" so we can walk to the beach again! xox

  2. I like the cubix...love all of the windows and sun roof!


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