Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Using Kimonos in home decor

Main Entry: ki·mo·no
Pronunciation: \kə-ˈmō-(ˌ)nō, -nə\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural ki·mo·nos
Etymology: Japanese, clothes, from ki wearing + mono thing
Date: 1886
1 : a long robe with wide sleeves traditionally worn with a broad sash as an outer garment by the Japanese
2 : a loose dressing gown or jacket
— ki·mo·noed \-(ˌ)nōd, -nəd\ adjective

Years ago, a friend of mine brought me a vintage kimono from Japan.  Made of silk and in vibrant colors, I wanted to display it rather than wear it.  So, I found a slim curtain rod, some large black hooks and fashioned it into a display over my bed.  It is simple, elegant, and dear to my heart.   

Decorating your home with kimonos couldn't be easier.  You can find them in local vintage and antique shops or online.  Two other ideas to get the same look without buying a kimono:  simply drape fabric onto a rod in the shape of a kimono (the shape is just two rectangles) or cut colorful paper into rectangle shapes and frame them. 

Here are kimonos I found on Etsy:

vintage postcard by Global Texture
vintage kimono from HapaHaus
kimono origami card by Nina Martell
original print by Crystal Smith
kimono necklace by Something Kawaii


  1. Gorgeous and I love this idea! Your room is beautiful and looks very relaxing- this summer I want to redo my bedroom and bring more of this kind of feeling into it!

  2. That kimono is absolutely lovely,and your room looks very cozy !

  3. I love kimonos! Thanks for including mine! I've linked to your site on my blog here:

  4. How creative Linda! It looks great!

  5. That is such an awesome idea! My dad went on a business trip to Japan a couple years ago and bought both me and my daughter a kimono, which have been in the closet since... Now, thanks to you, I have a way to display them! Thank you!!

  6. There is this trend using kimono or ancient Chinese court robes for decor. Very interesting idea.

    Complement them with contemporary Asian art prints and create an Oriental theme for the home!


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