Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My big birthday surprise

Update: Here is the third photo! LOVE IT!

Last Thursday, for my birthday, I was surprised beyond words. C had read my blog post about the lovely portraits by Tali (aka Tush Tush) and commissioned 3 portraits for me: one each of my two boys and one of the two of them together.

Here are two of the three. When I saw them, they brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to have them in hand and install them on my wall. Thank you, boys and Tali!

portrait of M

portrait of E

I'll post the third when it is finished! [updated above]


  1. How incredibly special and sweet and thoughtful! You've got a keeper!

  2. These are so great!!! Can't wait to see the 3rd!! Nice, "C"!!

  3. I'm equally touched that he reads and retains info from my blog.

    I LOVE these!! Now I want one of Sophie, me and C, all of us, ....

  4. OH those are incredible and what a very special present. Nothing could top that!

  5. How awesome is this! It's triple awesome:

    1) The portraits themselves are lovely!

    2) Your hubby reads your blog and...

    3) he acted on something he read!


  6. What a terrific gift(you're a lucky girl to have a man who gives gifts like that)!


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