Monday, February 8, 2010

à la mode is on trend with Anthropolgie

One of my recent projects was this resin ring made from a photo I took of a tent top in Vietnam. Over the weekend, I stopped by to see what's new at Anthropologie and was surprised to see that stripes are on trend. Their current catalog even has a 'big top' theme. Très mode!

You can see Anthropolgie's catalog here or shop their new stripe collection here.

My ring (also available as a necklace, and earrings) can be purchased in my Etsy shop when it reopens after my vacation (February 24).


  1. Okay, I like your ring WAY better than Anthro's stripes. And I usually love their stuff! But too dizzy. Maybe just the shoes... ~K down Prospect

  2. You are just the trend setter!....and I love that ring...although it could make you dizzy!

  3. do you make cufflinks like this?

  4. @anonymous, I certainly do. Hopefully, I'll have some in my Etsy shop in the next month. Thanks for asking!


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