Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog it forward mashup

One of the great things about blogging (and social media in general) is the sense of community it gives. There are so many creative people who continually come up with new and exciting ways to connect.

Victoria Smith, a.k.a. SFGirlbyBay, was recently thinking out loud on her Twitter stream. Her idea was to link a bunch of bloggers together (a mashup) to blog about a particular topic (similar to a chain letter but way cooler) She was overwhelmed with the response. She pulled together the first 300 bloggers who responded (leaving room for a future mashup) and the "Blog it Forward" mashup was born.
Topic: What inspires you
Duration: through March 24.

Today, Victoria (along with 10 other bloggers on their blogs) kicked off the mashup on her own beautiful blog, SFGirlbyBay. [BTW, the photos on her blog always inspire me. From her post you will be connected to another blogger post, and so on.

Here is the mashup schedule of participants and dates.

My post is scheduled to post on February 16, so stay tuned.

If you check out some of the blogs, please let me know which ones inspire you!

Thank you, Victoria, for putting this together.


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