Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rings and things

C was on jr. call Thursday (meaning he spent the night in the hospital) which leaves me to my own devices for the night. I find it hard to sleep when he isn't home, even after 6 years. Generally, I stay up and work. This week, I got a bee in my bonnet, and made this ring.

I had been playing around with acrylics, resin and various metal findings, not knowing what I'd ultimately make (my favorite way to work). I love the pop of color that resin gives to any medium. The outer metal balls are actually pieces of a bead ball chain. I find it so satisfying to marry little bits and pieces into something outside of their original purpose. I'm going to test drive this ring before I offer any up. This is just a limited edition of "rings I feel like making." I don't intend to add rings to my jewelry line.

On a separate note, my knitting is finally coming along nicely. I will, however, advise newbies against knitting while watching something that makes you cry. Last night while I watched Hope for Haiti, I completely lost concentration, dropped stitches, and couldn't recover from my mistake. All was fixed after I stopped back by my yarn store for help this morning (M's guitar lesson is just a few doors down.). It's official, I'm hooked. And I can't stop myself from buying beautiful yarns and needles. I just hope I actually complete something.

On the work front:

I'm happy to say that the bag I donated to Craft Hope sold. 100% of sales from this shop is going to Doctors without Borders. I've donated another bag and 50% of sales in my Etsy shop will also be donated to DWB. Craft Hope has already raised $20,000 and has sold over 1000 items. That is an incredible accomplishment. The shop just opened January 14. If you need to buy a gift or want to treat yourself to something handmade, please consider checking out Craft Hope or type the word Haiti in the search box on Etsy.

Other exciting work news...I can't yet share all the details, but an architecture firm working with a big hotel/restaurant/lounge developer in LA and NYC has made a large order of seat belt pillows. They are being shipped to their NYC office. I'm currently up to my elbows in seat belt pillows but I'm very excited about this new venture. More to come...

Week in preview:

Monday, I will tell you about another project I have brewing. It should interest anyone looking to grow their crafty business (also applicable to any small business).

And finally, I'm gearing up for a trip to San Francisco next week. I'm excited to see a friend and look around the south bay. Frankly, I could also use a nice dose of warmer weather.

I'm off to Boston with some friends. Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Wow. I came here via another blog (D.S. Brennan, I think) and read about this ring and didn't at first realize it was the ring you were talking about creating. Beautiful! I like reading about the process. Like that you donated to charity.

  2. WooHoo! Good things are blowin' in the wind!

  3. Thanks so much for your blog about Crafthope and donating for Haiti. I too donated a handbag that sold in 24 hours time. Great to know a simple donation can help. Love the ring too!

  4. CraftHope is a great idea! My earrings sold right away, too! I love the ring you made. Have a great trip.

  5. CraftHope is a great idea! My earrings sold right away, too! I love the ring you made. Have a great trip.


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