Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My kid takes the road less travelled

Some time back, I posted a diagram showing how E (my 8 year old) walked into school each morning [post seen here]. His point A to point B is not a straight line.

This morning, I watched as he left the car and proceeded to trounce through the snow in his sneakers. Yes, there were plenty of shoveled paths. Yes, most kids walked on those paths. Not E. He darted straight for his destination, bypassing all cleaned walkways entirely. At least he is consistent.


  1. hi linda,

    i love your diagrams. my own E is the same, or would that be my J? hmmm.

    i am re-doing their room and they are thinking of a beatles switchplate so i am off to visit your shop! come see my latest post for colors and maybe you can recommend something.


  2. He's making his own path in life - an artist in the making... uh oh!

    I love it!


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