Friday, December 11, 2009

Spreading some holiday humor

I'm heading to a "girls night" holiday party this evening. We are exchanging ornaments (I'm sure many of which will be distasteful) and I decided that I'd resurrect my cheeky ornament designs from year's past.
I didn't have time to make these to sell in my Etsy shop this year but I hope to find some time to make them for personal hostess gifts and wine tags. It's a fun way to enter a party with laughter and break the ice.

To make: I used wood rounds that I purchased from the local art supply. I printed my designs and decoupaged them to the wood. I then adhered bead ball chains to the edges and gave them a nice glossy finish. I hope the recipient finds them as funny as I do.

I've also added some of these designs to my Zazzle shop. Now you can buy them on cards, t-shirts, and mugs. I'll be adding more in the coming week. These would make great gifts for office parties or gift exchanges!


  1. Saw these this week Linny... you have such a great sense of humor!


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